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Absolutely Clear is our Motto, we want your windows, gutters, or solar panels to be super clean and we know you will feel stress free and have a sense of relief knowing you had the best job done by experts!

Please read;
Window Cleaning, we do a yearly, bi-yearly, monthly or bi-monthly or weekly service depending on your needs, whether it's residential window or commercial windows.
Cleaner information/soap
Windows will be cleaned with a non-toxic cleaner that is bio-degradable and safe for the environment. We have had wineries that have to meet stringent requirements sign off on our cleaner.
Window Razoring
 This is also available and it does not come with a window clean. It is recommended to haveyour windows razzorred so that it is super clean and clear, there is often baked on bug crud that doesn't like to come off, with razzorring your windows will be that much clearer.
Window seals and tracks
Window tracks get dirty with dust and dead bugs over time. We scrub and vacuum the tracks and end with a wet towel wipe that leaves your tracks shining!
Window Seals
Seals are both around the sliding window or crank open window there are 8 seal edges,  4 on the moving part of the window and 4 in the frame of the windows We recommend a clean up of the seal because spiders and bugs like to live there and leave webs and cocoons in the corners and edges.

Solar Panel Cleaning
To keep your panels super clean and performing optimally we do a monthly service of washing the panel and rinsing it. 
There are alot of wineries which kick up dust that travels across the valley and lands on roofs and Solar panels causing decreased performance. There are also tree pollens, Bird droppings, and leaves from trees that fall onto panels making them decrease in efieciency.  A monthly clean is the best way to keep them maintained.

Gutter Cleaning
The winter storms that sweep through yearly carry dust from your roof, also pigeon poo, and feathers, leaves and other debris into your gutters and down spouts, we clean gutters and downspouts so that they are clear of any obstructions, and give you peace of mind even on the stormiest night!
We clean the gutters in a way that your property will be clean of falling debris, and if there is anything that hits the ground we clean it up afterward.
Gutter Covers
We install gutter covers if you want them installed there are allot of covers that are offered on the market we only have to know the style of gutter and the number of feet and we can give you a bid to install them.
Gutter Cleaning & Downspouts
Pidgeon Pooh, that was filling up the neighborhood gutters

Solar Panels

Window cleaning, Screens, and Tracks
Window Cleaning second Floor from a ladder

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